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Izdanja 2013 godine

Zaštita materijala 1. 2013

J. RADOŠEVIĆ1), J. MALINA2), N. DOLIĆ2), P. LJUMOVIĆ1), S. SLAVICA – MATEŠIĆ3) Scientific paper   UDC:620.197.3 Susceptibility to corrosion of welded AlMgSi alloy EN AW 6060 In this paper electrochemical studies on welding joints of commercial extruded Al-alloy EN AW 6060 have been performed in order to evaluate corrosion behavior in solution of 3.5 mass.% NaCl. …

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Zaštita materijala 2. 2013

DUMITRU TSIULYANU, OLGA MOCREAC Scientific paper   UDC:620.197.5   Hydrogen sensing behavior of tellurium thin films studied by A.C. measurements For the first time it is pointed out that tellurium films exhibit sensitivity to H2 at room temperature along with sensitivity to NO2. The hydrogen gas sensing performance of tellurium thin films was investigated by method …

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Zaštita materijala 3. 2013

ZORAN GRDIĆ, GORDANA TOPLIČIĆ ĆURČIĆ,                                    Review paper NENAD RISTIĆ, DUŠAN GRDIĆ                                                         UDC:631.811.85 Nondestructive methods for determination of reinforcement steel corrosion in concrete Corrosion is the result of the reaction between a material and its environment. Corrosion of the rebar steel may occur under certain conditions in the reinforced concrete structures. The …

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Zaštita materijala 4. 2013

SADRŽAJ – CONTENT >>>   SVETOMIR HADZI JORDANOV                                                                                     Review paper                                                                                         UDC:620.92(100) INTRODUCTION One of the major concerns today is how to attain sustainability in dealing with the natural resources, especially the ones that provide energy and materials. The concern is best visualized by means of these three (opposing) facts, i.e. (i) Global population increases, (ii) …

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