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128 Modified tannins for alkyd based anticorrosive coatings Milena D. Milošević 18.12.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 127 Inhibitive Behavior of Ambrosia Maritima Extract as an Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in 1M HCl H.M. Elabbasy 8.12.2018. Review Accepted 2/2019 126 POLYPHOSPHATE GLASS AS FERTILIZER FOR PLANT SEEDLINGS Ana Vujošević 2.12.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 125 Assessment of microbial diversity of soil exposed to nicosulfurone Amer Sunulahpašić 26.11.2018. Review Accepted 2/2019 124 Uticaj metil metakrilatom kao akrilnog veziva na mašinsku obradljivost ispresaka alumine Maja Kokunešoski 20.11.2018. Review Accepted 2/2019 123 Analyses of burned area of forest by adaptive neuro-fuzzy approach Srdjan Jovic 13.11.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 122 Mechanical properties and microstructure of the ZrO25CaO/NiCrAl coating system Mihailo Mrdak 1.11.2018. Review Accepted 2/2019 121 Statistical modeling and optimization of ultrasound-assisted biodiesel production using various experimental designs Vlada Veljkovic 30.10.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 120 SOLVATOCHROMISM OF POTENTIALLY BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE DERIVATIVES OF 2-PYRIDONE – PART I: STUDY OF INTERMOLECULAR INTERACTIONS Borko Matijevic 27.10.2018. Review Returned to authors 119 Karakterizacija plazma sprej bioinertne prevlake Al2O328tež.%MgO Mihailo Mrdak 27.10.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 118 INVESTIGATION OF THE EFFICIENCY OF SILVER NANOPARTICLES SUSPENSION IN PAINTS OF INDOOR ENVIRONMENT Sidorela Vishkulli 20.10.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 117 SOLVING SIMPLE PROBLEMS OF THERMAL POWER PLANTS USING IPSEPRO SIMULATION Xhaklina Cani 14.10.2018. Review Returned to authors Accepted 1/2019 116 Mechanical properties of lightweight concrete composed with Posidonia Oceanica fibres Aldi Kuqo 10.10.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 115 FTIR SPECTROSCOPIC STUDY OF ALKALI-ACTICATED FLY ASH Adelaida Andoni 6.10.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 114 Study of physico- chemical parameters of surface waters in the Lana River, Albania Valbona Hoxha 5.10.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 113 ADVANTAGES OF USING CHLORINE DIOXIDE IN BREWING INDUSTRY Luljeta Pinguli 5.10.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 112 PAHs IN DRINKING WATER AND CONTAMINATION SOURCE OF IT Jonida Canaj 30. 09. 2018. Review Returned to authors Accepted 4/2018 111 MEASUREMENTS OF HEAVY METALS IN TAP WATER Mirela Alushllari 29. 09. 2018. Review Returned to authors Rejected 110 Determination of SRG Extra Recovery Degree from Activated Carbon Used in Water Environment Studi Liljana KOLA 29.09.2018. Review Returned to authors Accepted 4/2018 109 The Curing Behavior of Urea-formaldehyde Adhesive in the Presence of Chemicaly Treated Narrow-Leaved Ash (Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl. ssp. Pannonica Soo & Simon) Mlađan Popović 25.09.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 108 Oxygen reduction reaction on covalently and noncovalently modified carbon nanowalls Roman A. Manzhos 24.09.2018. Review Returned to authors Accepted 4/2018 107 CHARACTERIZATION OF PRECIPITATED CALCIUM OXALATE CONSOLIDATION LAYER ON TOP OF MARBLE SURFACE BY FIB-SEM AND FTIR Rihana Terzu 21.09.2018. Review Returned to authors 106 SADRŽAJ TEŠKIH METALA U NADZEMNIM DELOVIMA KOPRIVE I MLEČIKE IZ OŠTRELJA (OPŠTINA BOR): PRILOG ISPITIVANJIMA BILJNIH BIOMONITORING I FITOREMEDIJACIONIH POTENCIJALA Slađana Alagić 3.09.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 105 Prediction of visitors’ thermal comfort in open urban areas Srđan Jović 24.08.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 104 METODE DETEKCIJE TNT EKSPLOZIVA, NJEGOV UTICAJ I UTICAJ NJEGOVIH PRODUKATA DEGRADACIJE NA ŽIVOTNU SREDINU Vanja Trifunović 21.08.2018 Review Returned to authors Accepted 2/2019 103 Corrosion Inhibition of Stainless Steel 304 in Hydrochloric Acid Solution using Clindamycin antibiotic as Eco-friendly Green Inhibitor Abd El-Aziz. S. Fouda 28.06.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 102 Quality of the Particleboards on Serbian Market in Regard to the Formaldehyde Emission Mlađan Popović 27.06.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 101 LASERSKE OBRADE SUPERLEGURE NIMONIK 263 Sanja Petronić 14.05.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 100 Graphene Reinforced Hydroxyapatite Biocomposite Coatings Obtained by Electrophoretic Deposition on Titanium Vesna Mišković-Stanković 30.04.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 99 Optimization of In Situ Infrared Spectro-Electrochemical Accessory with the Aid of Reflectance and Electric Field and Calculations Nebojša S. Marinković 29.04.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 98 Comparison of the corrosion behaviour of AISI 304, AISI 316L and duplex steel in chloride solution Senka Gudić 29.04.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 97 CORRODIVE CRACKS FROM CHEMICALS RESIDUALS AFTER BRAZING THIN LEAVES AT ARTISTIC DESK LAMP Zoran Karastojković 29.04.2018. Review Accepted 3/2018 96 Polyaniline based corrosion inhibitors for conventional organic coatings Milica Gvozdenović 28.04.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 95 PtAu CATALYST WITH ENHANCED ACTIVITY FOR FORMIC ACID OXIDATION Sanja Stevanović 26.04.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 94 RESISTANCE TO GENERAL CORROSION OF SERIES OF ZINC-ALUMINUM ALLOYS MODIFIED WITH SILICON AND STRONTIUM Ilija Bobić 20.04.2018. Review Accepted 1/2019 93 CO tolerant Pt/Ru0.7Ti0.3O2 nanocatalyst for hydrogen oxidation reaction Maja D. Obradović1 14.04.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 92 Characterization of tantalum coatings deposited using vacuum plasma spray process Mihailo Mrdak1 12.04.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 91 Organochlorine pesticides and their residues in surface waters of Albania Aurel Nuro 3.04.2018. Review Accepted 4/2018 90 INFLUENCE OF THE PHONON SUBSYSTEM ONTO THE MECHANICAL AND THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF LOW-DIMENSIONAL MATERIALS Jovan P. Šetrajčić2 31.03.2018. Review Accepted 3/2018 89 Correlation between crystal orientation and morphology of electrolytically produced powder particles: analysis of the limiting cases Nebojša D. Nikolić1 30.03.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 88 Raw Materials in future: some novel sources? Svetomir Hadži Jordanov 27.03.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 87 MEHANIČKA I TOPLOTNA SVOJSTVA EKOLOŠKI PRIHVATLJIVOG PREMAZA DOBIJENOG OD PROIZVODA NASTALIH IZ OTPADNOG POLIETILENTEREFTALATA Mirjana Jovičić*, 27.03.2018. Review Accepted 3/2018 86 Inhibition of Moringa Oleifera Plant Extract on Copper in Binary Acid Mixture (HNO3 + H3PO4) Abd El-Aziz. S. Fouda 25.03.2018. Review Accepted 3/2018 85 ADSORPTION KINETICS OF DIVALENT METALS ON AMINO-FUNCTIONALIZED CARBON NANOMATERIAL Tamara Apostolović 19.03.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 84 Expired Concor Drug as Potential Non-Toxic Corrosion Inhibitor for 304 Stainless Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution Abd El-Aziz S. Fouda 18.03.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 83 The influence of chloride on the pitting corrosion of aluminum alloy EN 46000 Branimir N. Grgur 18.03.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 82 SPATIO-TEMPORAL STRUCTURES OF ELECTRODEPOSITED INDIUM BASED ALLOYS Tsvetina Dobrovolska 5.03.2018. Review Returned to authors Accepted 2/2018 81 Istraživanje mogućnosti primene lasera u čišćenju arheoloških metalnih predmeta Slavica Ristić 18.02.2018. Review Returned to authors Accepted 3/2018 80 UTICAJ PROCESNIH PARAMETARA NA OSOBINE 4A ZEOLITA UZ KARAKTERIZACIJU X-ray I FT-IR INSTRUMENTALNIM METODAMA Milan Janković 15.02.2018. Review Accepted 3/2018 79 INFLUENCE OF CONCENTRATION AND TEMPERATURE ON THE SPEED OF CHEMICAL REACTION Mirela Alushllari 12.02.2018. Review Returned to authors rejected 78 5-chloro-1H-benzotriazole and potassium sorbate as binary corrosion inhibitor of copper in acidic solution Žaklina Tasić 5.02.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 77 Comparation of theoretical and experimental investigation of protonation process of some thiones in acid media Mirjana S. Jankulovska 29.01.2018. Review Returned to authors rejected 76 OBTAINING AND CHARACTERIZATION OF MULTILAYER NICKEL THIN FILMS ELECTRODEPOSITED WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF ULTRASONIC AGITATION Jelena Lamovec 29.01.2018. Review Accepted 3/2018 75 Fabrication of palladium/platinum core-shell nanoparticles by electroless metal plating Yoshio Kobayashi 22.01.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 74 Exploration of nanofibrous coated webs for chemical and biological protection Mukesh Kumar Sinha 19.01.2018. Review Accepted 2/2018 73 Zašto pucaju valjci u metalurgiji? Vyacheslav Goryany 04.01.2018. Review Returned to authors/ Review Withdrawn 72 Egy- dronate drug as promising corrosion inhibitor of C – steel in aqueous medium Adel H. Ali 2.01.2018. Review Accepted 1/2018 71 CORROSION RESISTANCE OF SS18/8 ALLOY, SS316L ALLOY, GOLD18CARAT AND GOLD 22CARAT IN ARTIFICIAL SALIVA IN THE ABSENCE AND PRESENCE OF ERYTHROMYCIN TABLET 500mg V.Agnes Brigitta 2.01.2018. Review Returned to authors Accepted 2/2018 70 TAILORING THE CORROSION RESISTANCE OF Zn-Mn COATING BY ELECTRODEPOSITION FROM DEEP EUTECTIC SOLVENTS M. Bučko 25.12.2017. Review Returned to authors Accepted 2/2018 69 MANGAN U SISTEMU ZEMLJIŠTE-BILJKA: ASPEKTI FITOREMEDIJACIJE Sladjana Č. Alagić 23.12.2017 Review Accepted 3/2018 68 Farmaceutski preparati i opojne droge kao kontaminirajuće supstance površinskih i otpadnih voda Miloš B. Rajković 21.12.2017. Review Accepted 3/2018 67 RECIKLAŽA KATODNOG MATERIJALA IZ ISTROŠENIH LITIJUM-JONSKIH BATERIJA Dragana V. Medić 20.12.2017. Review Accepted 3/2018 66 Mechanical and structural features of Nb coating layers deposited in a vacuum Mihailo Mrdak 20.12.2017. Review Accepted 2/2018 65 Elektrohemijski metod dobijanja kalcijum glukonata Dusan Stanojević 23.11.2017. Review Accepted 3/2018 64 Solvatochromism of 5-(4-substituted arylazo)-4-phenyl-6-methyl-3-cyano-2-pyridones Nataša V. Valentić 16.11.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 63 Molybdenum recovery as alloying agent from waste molybdenum solution Zoran Janjušević 12.11.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 62 FORMIRANJE I RAST PITOVA NA AUSTENITNOM NERĐAJUĆEM ČELIKU X5CrNi18-10 U PRISUSTVU HLORIDA I SULFATA Bore Jegdić 6.11.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 61 Investigation the effects of Na2MoO4 as an inhibitor on electrochemical corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel in LiBr solution Sahar Zolfaghari 5.11.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 60 Dobijanje i primena materijala na osnovu umreženih alginata Tamara Erceg 31.10.2017. Review Returned to authors Accepted 3/2018 59 Novi biosorbent na bazi vlakna konoplje (Cannabis sativa) i Ca-alginata za uklanjanje jona teških metala Milan Milivojević 24.10.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 58 Calotropis Procera Plant Extract as Green Corrosion Inhibitor for 304 Stainless Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution A.S.Fouda 24.09.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 57 DETERMINATION OF Au AND Ag FROM IRON ORES COMBINING FA AND ICP/AES METHODS Dragan Tošković 21.09.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 56 NEW MIXED LIGAND Co(II) COMPLEXES- SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY Sladja B. Tanasković 18.09.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 55 Electrodeposition of heterogeneous nickel-indium alloys Ts. Dobrovolska 13.09.2017. Review Returned to authors Withdrawn 54 MINERALOŠKA, FIZIČKO-HEMIJSKA I KERAMIČKA SVOJSTVA GLINE BREZACI L. Filipović-Petrović 12.09.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 53 The biometrics techniques for the assessment of the degree of adoption of toxic and essential elements N.Mijatović 8.09.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 52 POSSIBILITY OF REMOVING DIBUTYLPHTALATE BY ALUMOSILICATE ADSORBENS D. Rajić 1.09.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 51 ISPITIVANJE UTICAJA TRETMANA I MINERALOŠKOG SASTAVA NA TAČKU NULTOG NAELEKTRISANJA CRVENOG MULJA S.Smiljanić 1.09.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 50 Micro- and macroelements of three edible mushrooms from Serbia M. Kolundžić 30.08.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 49 SORPCIJA NITRATA POMOĆU MODIFIKOVANE BIOMASE LAGENARIA VULGARIS: KINETIČKE I RAVNOTEŽNE STUDIJE D Marković-Nikolić 11.08.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 48 UTICAJ HEMIJSKOG I MINERALNOG SASTAVA CRVENOG MULJA NA PARAMETRE ALKALITETA S.Smiljanić 07.08.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 47 KARAKTERIZACIJA PLAZMA SPREJ BIOINERTNE KOMPOZITNE PREVLAKE Al2O325tež.%(ZrO28%Y2O3) Mihajlo Mrdak 30.07.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 46 WARM UPSETTING TESTS WITH CYLINDRICAL MOLYBDENUM AND WOLFRAM SAMPLES V.Goryany 30.07.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 45 Uticaj dodatka nanopunila na svojstva silikonskih materijala na osnovu različitih prekursora mreža D. Manjenčić 30.07.2017. Review Returned to authors Accepted 1/2018 44 EKSTRAKT ŽALFIJE KAO INHIBITOR KOROZIJE ČELIKA I BAKRA – M G Riđošić 30.07.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 43 OPTIČKA MOLEKULARNA ANIZOTROPIJA MATERIJALA I RAYLEIGHEVO RASEJANJE M. Srećković 28.07.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 42 Hibridni metod za detekciju ivica na TEM slikama nanočestica R.Ivković 26.07.2017. Review Accepted 1/2018 41 Corrosion resistance of Ni-Ti alloy, SS18/8 alloy and thermoactive alloy in artificial saliva in the absence and presence of tea – A Christy Catherine Mary 21.07.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 40 Efikasnost zeolita i apatita na mobilnost teških metala u zemljištima preko test kulture Sinapis Alba – M.Grubišić 17.07.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 39 Prirodno prečišćavanje podzemnih voda zagađenih naftnim ugljovodonicima: mehanizam, koncepcija istraživanja, primena u praksi N.Marić 11.07.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 38 Biological Hard Materials I. Vozga 25.06.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 37 Preparation of sustainable asphalt pavements using polyethylene terephthalate waste as a modifier – E A Jaffar Al-Mulla 28.06.2017 Review Accepted 3/2017 36 . LEVELS OF ORGANIC POLLUTANTS IN WATER SAMPLES OF VJOSA RIVER, ALBANIA – Aurel Nuro 7.07.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 35 Analysis of the effects of butt welded joints on a carrying capacity of a structure tank B. Aleksić 7.07.2017. Revision Returned to authors/ Accepted 4/2017 34 UTICAJ KVALITETA VODE RIJEKE DUNAV I GRADSKIH KANALIZACIONIH KOLEKTORA GC-1 I GC-2 NA KVALITET VODE NOVOSADSKIH IZVORIŠTA R.Grujić 19.06.2017. Revision Returned to authors Withdrawn work 33 The influence of synthesis parameters on swelling behaviour of pH-sensitive acrylate based hydrogels T. Erceg 4.07.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 32 Prisustvo nitrita, nitrata i amonijaka u vodi za piće na teritoriji Severno-bačkog okruga u periodu 2013-2015. godine M. Ivanovic 19.06.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 31 THE INFLUENCE OF MOLECULAR WEIGHTS ON THE CALCIUM SALTS ABSORPTION OF POLYACRYLIC BASED MATERIALS I. Ristić 29.6.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 30 Influence of the test emulsion on filtration efficiency and Pressure drop of mist Separators for cooling lubricants T. Laminger 29.5.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 29 KVANTIFIKOVANJE OBLIKA NANOČESTICA: SEGMENTACIJA I MERA IZDUŽENOSTI L. Kopanja 29.6.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 28 ZAŠTITA OKOLINE OD EMISIJE OBOJENE OTPADNE VODE POMOĆU SORBENTA NAPRAVLJENOG OD PRIRODNIH CELULOZNIH VLAKANA D.Đorđević 20.5.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 27 KAKO RECENZIRAT NAUČNI RAD A.Dekanski 29.6.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 26 UTICAJ JAČINE STRUJE ZAVARIVANJA NA OTPORNOST PREMA PITING KOROZIJI ZAVARENOG SPOJA NERĐAJUĆEG ČELIKA X5CrNi18-10 B.Jegdić 11.6.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 25 KARAKTERIZACIJA OTPADNOG MULJA SA JALOVIŠTA TRETIRANOG LETEĆIM PEPELOM I CRVENIM MULJEM U CILJU SOLIDIFIKACIJE/STABILIZACIJE D. Tomašević Pilipović 25.5.2017. Review Returned to authors Accepted 1/2018 24 UTICAJ VISKOZNOSTI DISPERGOVANE FAZE NA KOALESCENTNU FILTRACIJU D.Sokolović 20.5.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 23 EFIKASNOST PRIMENE TEHNIKE STABILIZACIJE/SOLIDIFIKACIJE NA JALOVINU IZ RUDNIKA BOR N Slijepčević 2.6.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 22 LONG-TERM PERFORMANCE OF STABILISED/SOLIDIFIED POLLUTED SEDIMENT IN TERMS OF METAL LEACHABILITY AND MATRIX CHARACTERIZATION D.Rađenović 2.6.2017. Review Returned to authors Accepted 4/2017 21 PROUČAVANJE LIPOFILNOSTI I TOKSIČNOSTI DERIVATA AZO BOJA S. Apostolov 12.6.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 20 MODELOVANJE FLEKSIBILNIH POLUŠARŽNIH PROCESA ZA PROIZVODNJU POLIETERA NA OSNOVU OBNOVLJIVIH SIROVINA M. Jotanović 29.5.2017. Review Returned to authors Withdrawn 19 Optičke posebnosti različitih molekulskih kristalnih nanofilmova Igor J. Šetrajčić 5.6.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 18 PYROLYSIS AND GASIFICATION IN THE PROCESS OF SEWAGE SLUDGE TREATMENT V.Blagojević 25.5.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 17 Primena aktivnog ugljeničnog materijala dobijenog hidrotermalnom karbonizacijom fruktoze, kao antimikrobnog agensa B Kaluđerović 25.5.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 16 BIODEGRADABLE POLYMERS SUITABLE FOR TISSUE ENGINEERING AND DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS A. P. Kujudzinski 15.6.017 Review Accepted 3/2017 15 TEXTILES IN VARIOUS GEOMETRY AS A REINFORCEMENT FOR POLYMER COMPOSITE MATERIALS – S Zhezhova 1.6.2017. Revision Returned to authors Withdrawn 14 PROCESS OF CHIPS FORMING V Vukojević 30.5.2017. Revision Returned to authors Withdrawn 13 UTICAJ OBRADE ENZIMIMA NA ANTIMIKROBNA SVOJSTVA PLETENINA BOJENIH EKSTRAKTIMA LJEKOVITIH BILJAKA D. Grujić 22.5.2017. Review Accepted 3/2017 12 ODREĐIVANJE HIDRODINAMIČKIH PARAMETARA DESTILACIONE KOLONE ZA RAZDVAJANJE SMJEŠE N-HEPTAN-N-OKTAN S Pavlović 13.5.2017. Review Returned to authors Rejected 11 Zagađivanje jezika kao dela životne sredine D.Veselinović 12.05.2017. Review Accepted 4/2017 10 REMAINING STRENGTH OF DAMAGED API J55 STEEL CASING PIPES M Arsić 5.5.2017. Revision Returned to authors Withdrawn 9 KOROZIJA I ZAŠTITA BETONA U POGONU ZA PROIZVODNJU KATODNOG BAKRA Zoran Avramović 23.04.2017. Review Returned to authors Accepted 3/2019
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